Lust from Beyond Preview – Pain or Pleasure?

Mixing pain and pleasure seems unimaginable to the uninitiated, maybe even downright crazy, but some out there believe it can be done. The folks over at Movie Games Lunarium don’t just believe it however, they are looking to prove it, and with a mixture of sexual content and horrifying entities to contend with, their latest first-person adventure Lust from Beyond is set to show us by sending us into a world of both pain and pleasure.

After jumping into the first Three Chapters of Lust from Beyond, it’s fair to say those looking for a new Lovecraftian type of affair should keep their eyes and ears pressed firmly to the ground. My time with the game saw me venture through the halls of an old victorian mansion, following the story of a religious cult, who’s beliefs push firmly towards an erotic deity. Next, i was taken to the life of a simple man running his family business, before once more the nature of his demons was made clear and I transcended upon the very same cult-run horrific sexual entities.

As you can imagine, each of the game’s chapters follows a similar premise. Horrifying yet visually stunning environments and enemies are spread within. There is a vague link between each chapter, most of which points towards the horrifying cult. As for you, well, you are left to figure out just what is going on. Things aren’t made especially clear at this stage but there is enough even this early on to make the player want that little more, to see what could possibly happen next, and it’s a good foundation to start on. 

If you someone who has already ventured into a similar experience with that of Agony, you’ll be glad to hear that Lust from Beyond feels as though it wants to include a story, rather than simply push erotic enemies in your face every step of the way. 

The gameplay feels good so far with our protagonist taking a steady pace, allowing you to gaze at the incredible detail put into each of the game’s environments, and it must be said that the artistic direction of Lust from Beyond is certainly impressive with every item and every texture showing a real sense of sincere dedication to bringing the focus of horror to the forefront – That said, there are only so many times you can look at demonic entities and the world created for them and not laugh at how slippery everything looks. 

Whilst the early signs of Lust from Beyond appear positive, it must be said that for the full experience to thrive, there needs to be a focus on the story. Visually, it seems Movie Games Lunarium is knocking it out of the park, and whilst we haven’t touched on audio, there can be no criticism there either thanks to a soundtrack that helps to maintain the creeping horror vibes throughout each chapter without ever taking over the experience. 

Currently, there isn’t enough to tell you this is going to be a must-buy the moment the full game arrives, but this is a game that certainly looks promising enough to warrant a playthrough, especially if you enjoy Victorian inspirations or horror that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what has become an all too comfortable genre.

Many thanks for Beta access to the game go out to Movie Games S.A.

If you want to see a little more for yourself, check out the trailer below;

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